Nilay Patel on AT&T/Time Warner Ruling, Sam Menefee-Libey on J20 Update

This week on CounterSpin: AT&T and Time Warner are two global corporate powerhouses who will soon be one global corporate powerhouse, after a ruling by a district court judge didn’t just pave the way for their megamerger, but virtually strewed their path with flowers. It’s true the government didn’t make much of a case, and that the judge doesn’t seem to understand how the internet works; but the deeper truth may be that we need to fundamentally rethink our antitrust approaches to a media/tech industry that is every day more influential. We’ll talk with technology journalist Nilay Patel of The Verge about that.

Also on the show: A case doesn’t have to be won to have impact. Witness federal prosecutors’ strenuous effort to put someone in prison for protests at Donald Trump’s inauguration. Charges were just dropped against another group of so-called J20 activists, but just because the state’s case is unraveling—and elite journalists don’t care about it—doesn’t mean the effort to criminalize constitutionally protected activity doesn’t matter. We’ll catch up on the J20 case with Sam Menefee-Libey, an organizer and member of the DC Legal Posse.

And Janine Jackson takes a quick look at coverage of a racist Senate candidate.

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