Nuestra Musica featuring Jazz, Swing, Blues, and Foxtrot

This week we are presenting we are presenting Latino Jazz, Blues, Swing and Foxtrot. Forever in debt to the priceless Mississippi Delta Blues, the Latino Blues integrates, other than a different language, the native instruments like Quena, Cajon, Mayan drum, (tunkul), Chirima (African marimba) and Erque among others. Other than Spanish and Portuguese, some blues are sung in Quechua and Aymra and some Jazz is sung in Catalan and Spanish Basque. The Latino Jazz also blends rhythms and percussion of Latino roots, and has its vast influence from Afro Cuban Jazz.
The Swing and Foxtrot that we are presenting are from the 40’s and 50’s from Spain.

The show explores the native instruments, languages and traditions played in 22 countries and one territory. Other than Spanish and Portuguese, Nuestra Musica presents songs in the following languages: Quechua, Mapuche, Guarani, Nahuatl, Gallego, Spanish Basque, and Catalan.

Among many styles we present: Tango, Chacarera, Baguala, Zamba with a Z and Samba with and S, Bossa Nova, Cumbia, Llanero, Vallenato, Merengue, Parrandera, Son, Bolero, Ranchera, Corrido, Marimba, Fado, Flamenco, Sevillanas, Jota, Blues, Jazz, Danzon, and Mambo.

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