Nukes on Trial in Kansas City

This episode of Radio Active Magazine will feature a half-hour March 1 reenactment of a 4-hour trial November 1, 2019, of fifteen activists with PeaceWorks Kansas City for trespassing on the Kansas City National Security Campus on the previous Memorial Day, May 27, 2019.  This National Security Campus makes or procures 85 percent of the non-nuclear parts for US nuclear weapons.  All fifteen were convicted and sentenced to a year’s probation plus community service plus $248.50 court costs and supervision of probation and community service.  The trial was in Municipal Court of Kansas City, Missouri, which is not a court of record.  An unofficial transcript of most of the 4-hour trial is available in the Wikiversity article on “Fifteen anti-nuke protestors tried for 2019 trespass on the Kansas City Plant”.


The reenactment occurred as part of the annual meeting of PeaceWorks Kansas City.


Copyleft 2020, Spencer Graves, Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 4.0 International license.

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