Ocean Ecocide

The deep sea floor has become a highly contested region of the world. Mining companies are eager to scrape up something called “nodules” that contain various minerals in high demand. Deep sea explorers and other environmentally conscious people are terrified about what damage that could cause not only to the oceans and its inhabitants, but to the climate of the earth. One of the world’s most knowledgeable persons about the ocean floor – and avid opponent of Deep Sea Mining – is longtime deep sea explorer Sylvia Earle. Today’s program provides excerpts from a June 2023 Fireside Chat at the Explorers Club in which Sylvia speaks. The event begins with a short film for which Earle collaborated with famed cellist YoYo Ma. This Fireside Chat also includes important information about fish and farming.

Today’s featured speakers are 85 year old deep sea explorer Sylvia Earle, one of the first women to be a member of the Explorers Club, cellist YoYo Ma and John Vermilye, co-chair of Mission Blue.  The audio is excerpted from the event recording at https://www.stopecocide.earth/events/protecting-the-ocean-via-criminal-law-a-fireside-chat-with-sylvia-earle. Also included are excerpts from a sound track from the first iteration of a film by Earle and YoYo Ma, to promote the campaign to stop deep sea mining.

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