OCTOBER 17, 2020 The Last Broadcast

Written & directed by Tony Brewer for the National Audio Theater Festivals. An original tale of zombies, radio, zombies and more! Winner HEAR NOW Best of Fest Award 2016.

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The Last Broadcast credits

Written & directed by Tony Brewer

for the National Audio Theatre Festivals’

Audio Theatre Workshop June 22, 2012.


Bill Oakley

Jackie Casteel

Caitlin Ryan

Barbara Rosenblat

Melinda Peterson

Bryan Roberts

Monty Wiens

Cindy Beaulé

Marty Martin

Donna Anderson

Natalie Dollison

Toni Johnson

Zombie SFX:

Jackie Castle

Bill Chessman

James Dexter-Lee

Kevin Donnelly

Peter Pollack

Bryan Roberts

Becky Stapf

Monty Wiens

Assistant director James Dexter-Lee

Live Sound Effects directed by Natalie Dollison with Don Priest

Music by The Leatherettes featuring Julia Thro, Patrick Conway, Thomas Aber & Dwight Frizzell

Field Recording / Editing by

Steve Donofrio, Henry Howard, Renee Pringle, Eric Somers, and Mark Wiener

Recorded live by Mike Konopka

Recording mix and edit by David Shinn and Dwight Frizzell

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