ON EXPLORATIONS: Guest: Dr. Greg Stock of UCLA talks about the future of genetic engineering

In this episode, Dr. Michio Kaku opens up the first part by addressing his email, especially listeners’ questions about Turing and the Theory of Everything.  He asks, how can there be a theory of everything? This theory, because it is a theory of everything, is really a theory of Creation. Thus, to fully test the theory requires re-creating Creation! At first, this might seem hopelessly impossible. We can barely leave the earth’s puny gravity, let alone create universes in the laboratory. But there is a way out to this seemingly intractable problem. A theory of everything is also a theory of the everyday.

In the second part of the hour, Dr. Kaku speaks with speaks with Greg Stock, an American author, and professor at UCLA, who wrote Redesigning Humans. Redesigning Humans tackles the controversial subject of engineering the human germline – the process of permanently altering the genetic code of an individual so that the changes are passed on to the offspring. Greg Stock, an expert on the implications of recent advances in reproductive biology, has glimpsed the inevitable future of biomedical engineering.

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