ON EXPLORATIONS: Life and times of Werner von Braun – when scientists work for the Nazis.

In this episode, Dr. Michio Kaku talks about a controversial issue, that is, when scientists create evil even when they have good intent?

First, Michio Kaku speaks with Dr. Michael Neufeld, Senior Curator at the National Air & Space Museum and author of a book about Werner von Braun, the man responsible for putting men on moon, but also for the rocket armaments that terrorized London in World War II.

In the second part of the hour, Dr. Kaku speaks with speaks with Daniel Charles, author of Master Mind: The Rise and Fall of Fritz Haber, the Nobel Laureate Who Launched the Age of Chemical Warfare.  Haber invented chemical warfare (bad) and he also invented chemical fertilizer which led to the Green Revolution (good).

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