One Struggle KC And MORE2, We Do Not Accept 47 Police Killings in Ten Years and Neighborhood Accountability Boards with Center For Conflict Resolution

One Struggle KC And MORE2, We Do Not Accept 47 Police Killings in Ten Years

The Kansas City Star recently published a report that the KCMO Police Department had killed 47 civilians in the last 10 years and another 56 have been shot and survived. That makes KCPD one of the deadliest departments in the nation per population and in 2015 KCMO was one of only a handful of cities where all of the victims of police killing were black.

In the KC Star article representatives of the KCPD said that the citizens of KCMO supported their actions in these deadly incidents. One Struggle KC and MORE2 came together to hold a rally called KCPD47 to let the KCMO Police Department that be know that the killing must stop and that they do not condone past action. Today we play the audio of that rally. Then host Nancy Leazer talks with Lora McDonald of MORE2 and a representative of One Struggle KC about what they hope to change in the KCPD.

Neighborhood Accountability Boards with Center For Conflict Resolution

Neighborhood Accountability Boards are one of the tools used by the Center For Conflict Resolution to settle disputes and make victims whole without resorting to courts and incarceration. Our host Dr JRene talks with Brian Goines about his involvement with NABs and CCR. They will talk about the kind of disputes the NAB would normally hear and who is involved.

Calendar for January 18th 2016

Missourians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty encourages you to attend an historic public hearing for Senate Bill (SB) 816, which would repeal Missouri’s death penalty. The hearing will be held in Senate Committee Hearing Room 1, on the 1st floor of the State Capitol in Jefferson City at 3:00 pm, Tuesday, Jan. 19th. The bill is sponsored by Sen. Paul Wieland and will be heard before the General Laws and Pensions Committee.
You’re invited to join Communities Creating Opportunities Sisterhood Academy to learn how to tell your life’s story powerfully and be inspired by stories of other sisters. The guest speaker this month is Kimiko Gilmore, Kansas City Assistant City Manager. January’s meeting will be 5:30- 7:30 PM at the KCMO Health Department, 2400 Troost Ave, KCMO, in the Lower Level Multipurpose Room & Auditorium. For more information on this and future gatherings, as well as registering to attend call CCO at 816-221-9900 or check out their website at
The NAACP Kansas City, MO Branch and the Missouri Sierra Club will hold their next general membership meetings together on Tue, Jan. 19th at 6:00 pm for a celebration of environmental justice at the Anita B. Gorman conservation discovery Center, 4750 Troost Ave, KCMO. Kendra Glover from the NAACP will speak on the Coal Blooded Report and local panelists will follow up with comments and questions about environmental justice in Kansas City. Come out and learn how you can make a difference in this area.

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