Optimal public health

What have public health authorities locally, nationally, and internationally done well in managing the current public health crisis, and what could be improved to help us manage this current pandemic and similar problems in the future?

This episode of Radio Active Magazine features a discussion on these and related issues with Professor Edward Ellerbeck, Chair of the Public Health Department at the University of Kansas Medical Center, and Dr. Doug Samuelson, President and Chief Scientist of InfoLogix, Inc., an R&D and consulting company in Annandale, Virginia.  He is also First Vice Chair of the Heath Service Agencies of Northern Virginia advisory board and author of multiple articles related to this question, including “Preparing for Biological Crises: Some Lessons to Be Learned“, which appeared last June building on related articles that appeared in 2008 and February 2020.


A video with a transcript (and references) of the complete virtual (Zoom) interview, of which this broadcast was only the first 28 minutes, is available in the Wikiversity article on “Optimal public health“.


Suggested references:

[Photo of Manchurian Plague victims in 1910 -1911]

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