Jaws of Justice Radio is a weekly, locally created hour intended to inspire action towards preventing injustices. There is a need to raise awareness and foster a fairer legal system.

This week, host Macy Jones will interview Journalist Lewis W. Diuguid.  Lewis Diuguid is the former columnist, editorial board member, op-ed page editor, and letters editor at The Kansas City Star, as well as a published author. He has written the nonfiction book “A Teacher’s Cry: Expose the Truth about Education Today”. The book is an examination of education from the inside. It is rooted in a four-year project in which Lewis returned to high school and wrote about 100 columns published in The Kansas City Star from studying with the Class of 1999 at Washington High School in Kansas City, Kan. A teacher’s cry for attention to what takes place in an urban school led to the project.

Other great books by Lewis Diuguid include “Discovering the Real America: Toward a More Perfect Union”, which examines the often-overlooked history of white privilege, racism and discrimination in the United States.

As ever, Lewis Diuguid has a great deal to tell us and we are so lucky to have him as our guest.  Lewis is a remarkable fit on KKFI, a person not afraid to speak truth on KKFI, the community radio station that is not afraid to broadcast truth!


Please tune in!  https://kkfi.org/listen/

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