Amy Goodman

In 1984, a young Harvard anthropology student named Amy Goodman enlisted as a volunteer at Pacifica station WBAI New York, and launched a career in ethical journalism which to this day remains unique in her profession. What began as a small daily radio digest called Democracy Now!, broadcast on just handful of radio stations across the country, grew into a media powerhouse now heard and seen on over 500 radio and television stations around the globe. Known as a passionate interviewer with an unassuming home-grown style, Amy has redefined the boundaries of journalism at a time when independent news is needed more than ever.

Amy Goodman�s career to date has included risking her life to cover the massacre in East Timor, turning the tables on Bill Clinton in a public relations interview that was supposed to be a pre-election �cakewalk� for him, as well as focusing the spotlight of world attention on the U.S. �coup-and-kidnapping� of Haiti�s duly elected president, Jean Bertrand Aristide� In her own words, Goodman �goes where the silence is,� and reveals the ignored, the co-opted and the often unreported state of world affairs.

Pacifica Radio Archives and Amy Goodman have maintained a strong relationship through the years, and we have watched each other grow and prosper in amazing ways. We at the Archives are committed to preserving Amy�s recordings as an integral voice of the Pacifica Sound, and of world history. It is with great pride, then, that this week�s episode of From the Vault showcases some of Amy Goodman�s finest moments.

From the Vault is presented as part of the Pacifica Radio Archives Preservation and Access Project.

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