Part 1: Reflections on Prison, Part 2: Never Again KC Activity

For the first part of the hour, we will replay from our 1/6/20 show.  Host Keith Brown El talks with Edward Pennington, Jeffery Scott and Willie Copeland, three men who were recently released from prison.  They’ll talk about their prison experiences and discuss the transition back into society.

On the second part of Jaws of Justice, host Elyse Max speaks with Steve Nearenberg, attorney and organizer for Never Again KC, about the role of UMB Bank in the detention of immigrants. They will be joined by Jared Goldstein, organizer for Never Again Rhode Island and Associate Dean of Academic Affairs at Roger Williams University School of Law.  UMB Bank represents the bondholders of the Wyatt Detention Facility in Central Falls, Rhode Island, where over 100 immigrant detainees are currently housed. UMB is suing the city of Central Falls for $130,000,000 to keep the facility open after the municipality moved to stop jailing immigrants. Activists from the organization “Never Again” in Kansas City and Rhode Island are working together to put pressure on UMB to withdraw their lawsuit.

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