Passing Through: Farming Fields of Dreams

Our food and farming systems may top the list of the most destructive abuses of land in history. What needs to change? What models are there to guide us? On this week’s installment of Bioneers, visionary organic farmer, food system entrepreneur and award-winning writer/photographer Michael Ableman reflects on what it will take to restore healthy thriving lands and a functional and equitable food system with access for all. How will we feed the world’s growing population and provide access to healthy food? As locavores know, the answers hit close to home.

About the speaker:

Michael Ableman is an American author, organic farmer, educator, and advocate for sustainable agriculture. He is founder the Center for Urban Agriculture at Fairview Gardens, California, Solefood Farms in Vancouver, and the Centre for Arts, Ecology and Agriculture on Salt Spring Island. Ableman is author of From the Good Earth, On Good Land and Fields of Plenty: A Farmer’s Journey in Search of Real Food and the People Who Grow It. He is featured in the award-winning PBS national broadcast Beyond Organic.

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