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Federal Reserve to Weaken Volcker Rule, Setting Stage for Future Financial Meltdown
Interview with Bartlett Naylor, financial policy advocate with Public Citizen, conducted by Scott Harris

It’s been ten years since the U.S. and global economy suffered the worst decline since the Great Depression. The 2008 meltdown of the financial system provoked Congress to pass banking reform legislation under the name Dodd-Frank, which sought to decrease Wall Street’s risky behavior and increase oversight. But from the day it was signed into law in 2010, Republicans have vowed to weaken or eliminate these financial regulations. Story Continues

‘Project Blitz’ Promotes Christian Nationalist Agenda in State Legislatures
Interview with Frederick Clarkson, Political Research Associates senior fellow, conducted by Scott Harris

Conservative Christian evangelicals have been an important part of the Republican Party coalition since 1980, when Ronald Reagan unexpectedly defeated Jimmy Carter in the presidential election that year. For nearly 40 years, the Christian Right has held a critical seat at the table when the GOP formulates its policy positions on a wide range of social issues, including same sex marriage, abortion and transgender bathroom assignments Story continues

Sixth-Grade Student Organizes ‘Rally For Our Climate Future’
Excerpts of speeches by sixth-grade student Sam Rosenberg and climate activist Diane Lentakis, recorded and produced by Melinda Tuhus

Students in the sixth-grade class at Cold Spring School, an independent school in New Haven, Connecticut, spent a lot of time learning about the topic of sustainability. Each student wrote a paper and worked on a project that focused on an issue related to sustainability this year. One student, Sam Rosenberg, wrote a paper on climate change solutions and then organized a rally for climate action in a local park on May 31 Story Continues