ProgNosis episode for February 14 (Valentine’s Day!)

This week’s ProgNosis segment of the Dr. Rock & Mr. Prog Show will feature 3 hours of relatively new music — with all selections having been released within the past 12 months (and including several from just this year).  While a few are long-established and well-known artists, many are little-known and independent up-and-comers.  It just goes to demonstrate that the prog-rock movement is indeed alive and well, and not simply a vestige of the late-60’s through the mid-70’s.

Featured acts include Red Sand, Confusion Field, Twisted Illusion, Drifting Sun, Hillward, Yes, Arc Of LIfe, The Prog Collective, Downes Braide Association, Lifesigns, 3.2, Steve Hackett, Dream Theater, Big Big Train, Rachel Flowers, Retreat From Moscow, Lalu, How Far To Hitchin’, Professor Tip Top and Hasse Froberg Musical Companion.

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