Protests and Song with Sarah Jaffe and Carrie Newcomer

Sarah Jaffe is a journalist for the Nation and Carrie Newcomer is a singer/songwriter

On the Beloved Community we address the philosophical and spiritual foundations for non-violence, activism, political engagement and peace building. We also hear voices of those who are building the beloved community. The goal is to gain inspiration, solidarity, wisdom, and insight for your own activism.

On this episode I speak with Sarah Jaffe about her book, “Necessary Trouble: Americans In Revolt.” Truthout called her book one of the most essential books of the year.

I speak with Jaffe about her description of a new activism that has arisen since the crash of 2008. She writes about the anger and frustration that led to the Tea Party, the Occupy Movement, Occupy Foreclosure, Student Debt Resistance, OURWalmart, Black Lives Matter, and more.

She discusses what links these movements together, the people behind them, their strategies, and announces a call for all of us to make some necessary trouble for the sake of our nation and each other.

I also speak with singer/songwriter, Carrie Newcomer about her new album “The Beautiful Not Yet” and her companion book, “The Beautiful Not Yet, Poems, Essays, and Lyrics.

Carrie Newcomer is a songwriter, recording artist, performer, and educator. She has released 15 albums. She was on Progressive Spirit when it was called Religion For Life a couple of years ago when her album A Permeable Life and its companion book, A Permeable Life: Poems and Essays was released. She is with me again to talk about her latest album, The Beautiful Not Yet, and its companion book, The Beautiful Not Yet: Poems, Essays, and Lyrics

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