Psychospiritual Roots of the Israel-Palestinian Tragedy with Richard Forer

In Sanskrit, Maya means illusion or magic. Maya is at work among people and nations who project carefully crafted positive images of themselves. The U.S. and Israel are no different from other countries. They claim self-defense as they launch massive attacks. They invoke international law when it suits them then ignore it when it doesn’t. Then there’s always the standard line about our so-called values which justifies their actions. Most people don’t have a clue about Israel-Palestine because they depend on heavily biased corporate news. Instead, they cling to shopworn myths and fantasies about themselves and their country. The Gaza bloodbath is enabled by the U.S. Are we “good Germans” pretending not to see?

Richard Forer has spent time in the West Bank and Gaza. He has orthodox Jewish relatives living in West Bank settlements. He is a former member of AIPAC, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, the influential lobby. He is the author of Wake Up & Reclaim your Humanity: On the Tragedy of Israel-Palestine, winner of the New York Big Book Award.

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