Public Services Takeover and Climate Change

This morning on Tell Somebody, host Tom Klammer will be interviewing Lonnie Scott, executive director of Progress Michigan about the emergency manager law in Michigan and the corporate takeover of public services.Lonnie is a leading progressive communicator, with extensive legislative, advocacy, non-profit and public policy experience.Prior to joining Progress Michigan, Lonnie served as State Director for Enroll America, a national non-profit working to educate people about the new healthcare options made available by the Affordable Care Act. Prior to working for Enroll America, Lonnie served as Communications Director for Know Your Care/Protect Your Care. He previously served as a chief staffer for State Reps. Alma Wheeler Smith and Jeff Irwin.Then, at 9:30, Tom will have Geoff Feinberg on the show. Feinberg is the Research Director for the Yale Project on Climate Change Communication and will be discussing both the media coverage and public perceptions of manmade global climate change.Feinberg joined the Yale Project on Climate Change Communication in 2012. Prior to this, he was a vice president at GfK North America, where he specialized in public opinion, thought leadership, social marketing, and strategic communications research. At GfK, he co-founded and was the GfK director of the Associated Press-GfK Poll, which covers a range of current political and social topics and is one of the most widely reported media polls in the world, reaching upwards of an estimated two billion people monthly. He was also a chief research advisor for the Meth Project, a philanthropic organization devoted to reducing methamphetamine use among teens. In 2011, it was ranked by Barron’s Magazine as the third-most effective philanthropy in the world. In the environmental arena, Feinberg served as research consultant to The Sustaining Family Forests Initiative. He has also conducted national polls on environmental topics for Yale and Stanford.

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