Radio Active Magazine: Citizens For Justice in the Middle East

Radio Active Magazine: Citizens for Justice in the Middle East brief description:

Citizens for Justice in the Middle East (CJME) has been active since 2003 hosting a range of activities, including a dozen public presentations by American, Palestinian, and Israeli peace advocates, a two-day conference that drew 300 people and 25 Mideast speakers, fundraising that brought in $10,000 for Hope Flowers School, and $4,000 for Gaza humanitarian relief, public protests, and legislative visits, among others.

Many of these activities have been inspired by the profound struggle for liberation from a 62-year-old occupation of Palestinian territories and our work is often done in partnership with Kansas City area residents and organizations who care about justice and have an interest in learning about the conflict and getting involved in changing US policy in the region.

Kansas City-based Citizens for Justice in the Middle East (CJME) seeks to educate the American public about the issues involved in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and to end U.S. support for the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories. CJME urges ordinary American citizens to speak out in favor of an even-handed U.S. policy that recognizes the rights and aspirations of both Israelis and Palestinians. Only by respecting the need to provide both parties in the conflict with security and self-determination can a viable and just peace be assured.

To learn more about Citizens for Justice in the Middle East or to get involved, contact; [email protected].

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