Radioactive Magazine & Liberation Radio

It’s another evening of news and current events that have captivated Americans this week on the Thursday Night Special. Starting at 7PM, it’s Radioactive Magazine, who will play host to Linda Neville of and Craig Lubow of the Sierra Club, Amnesty International and the ACLU. They will be interviewing progressive pastor the Rev. Joshua Longbottom on the issue of whether churches should receive IRS non-profit status. Also, details will be revealed about the upcoming Women’s Equality Week (August 21-25), and information about the Freedom Riders rally for “Abortion On Demand…Without Apology”, sponsored by and slated to be held in Wichita, Kansas.

Next at 7:30 is the latest installment of Liberation Radio. Up for discussion: what’s behind the Bradley Manning verdict; the sister of one of the Dream 9 talks about immigration reform; and New York City public housing residents speak out against cuts.

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