RAPP and Fight for the Future

A group of prisoners at the South-Central Correctional Center in Licking MO have started a program called Resistance Against Prison Pipelines, also known as RAPP.  On 2/17, Jaws of Justice Radio aired recorded interviews with two of them, Ozzie Collins and Derrick Peace.  On February 24th, we will play Keith Brown El’s interview with the third inmate, Barry Holcomb.  They are all three interested in reducing high incarceration rates.  They believe our youth can be redirected from a life in prison.

In the second half of our hour, host Margot Patterson will talk with Evan Greer of Fight for the Future.   Fight for the Future is a nonprofit advocacy group in the area of digital rights founded in 2011. The group promotes causes related to copyright legislation, as well as online privacy and censorship using the Internet. Evan has been organizing hard-hitting political campaigns for more than a decade. A talented writer, she is a regular contributor to numerous publications, including The Guardian, Newsweek, and Time Magazine. Prior to joining the Fight for the Future team, she toured as a professional musician. She continues to create music and organize live music events.


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