“Ready or Not” (R), “The Peanut Butter Falcon” (PG-13), “Nightingale” (R), “One Child Nation” (R), “Hot Air” (Not rated)

“Ready or Not” is a shamelessly violent and deranged horror comedy. Samara Weaving is sharp as a woman who marries into an eccentric, spectacularly wealthy family only to be forced to participate in a deadly game of hide and seek. It’s ugly gore played for laughs. If you’ve got the properly twisted sense of humor, you’re ready for “Ready or Not.”


In the sweet-natured drama “The Peanut Butter Falcon,” Shia LaBeouf plays a fugitive who befriends a runaway with Downs Syndrome and the duo embark on a river raft adventure. While some elements don’t ring true, it’s a funny and disarming crowd-pleaser.


“Nightingale” is a beautifully filmed and acted historical revenge drama set in the Australian bush in 1825. A young Irish convict teams with an Aboriginal Australian tracker to seek bloody justice on the British military personnel who murdered her husband and baby. The story is compelling, but the savage violence depicted is almost sadistic in its brutality, making “Nightingale” a very difficult watch.


“Once Child Nation” is an intriguing and heartbreaking documentary about China’s oppressive population control policy which lasted 30 years. Told from a personal perspective, it’s both a stark history lesson and a bleak cautionary tale.


Steve Coogan plays an ultra-conservative radio talk show host in “Hot Air,” an attempted comedic takedown of the right. The actors are fine, especially Taylor Russell as Coogan’s 16-year-old niece who pops his pomposity, but “Hot Air” is an overwritten exercise that plays like a leftwing lecture.


Also opening this week, “Angel Has Fallen” is a Gerard Butler thriller about a secret service agent on the run. Michael Ealy stars in “Jacob’s Ladder” about a Vietnam vet’s struggles with hallucinations. “Overcomer” is a faith-based drama about high school cross country. “Tone-Deaf” is a home invasion horror flick. “Luce” is a suspense drama with racial themes starring Octavia Spencer.

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