Real Food, Real Farming With Vandana Shiva

We live in a time where our connection with food and with the farmers that grow it has been undermined. The root of the problem is a growing dependence on a dysfunctional paradigm based on pesticides and monocultures, and a separation between humans and nature. How we produce, distribute, and consume food is increasingly becoming the center of the multiple crises we face today. Vandana Shiva says, “It is possible and healthy to have a whole and nutritious diet based on biodiverse plants.” But she warns, “Do not become subscribers to Bill Gates’ fake food empire.” We must, she urges “join hands with the Earth” and “return to a culture of care that provides dignity to farmers who produce real food to feed the world.”

Vandana Shiva is an internationally renowned voice for sustainable development and social justice. She’s a physicist, scholar and social activist. She is a founder of Navdanya and Director of the Research Foundation for Science, Technology and Natural Resource Policy in New Delhi. She is the recipient of the Sydney Peace Prize and the Right Livelihood Award, the alternative Nobel Prize. She is the author of many books including Water Wars, Earth Democracy, Soil Not Oil, and Oneness vs the 1%. Her latest book is Terra Viva.

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