Rebroadcast of KCMO Human Relations Department On Housing Discrimination and Your Calls

KCMO Human Relations Department Talks Housing Discrimination

A rebroadcast of our conversation with the KCMO Human Relations Department from last May about their efforts to help former felons find housing.

One of the factors that makes it easier for the formerly incarcerated to succeed at reintegrating into society is stable housing. Many returnees even with employment and support are often denied housing because of their conviction. The Federal Government does not allow those with drug convictions to live in subsidized housing even if it means they are separated from the family support system that could mean success.

Host Teresa Wilke speaks with Paul Pierce, Discrimination Investigator and Greta Wills, housing Investigator with KCMO Human Relations Department about reporting housing discrimination by those with convictions and the laws that protect them.

KCMO Human Relations Department –
webpage –
Phone – (816) 513-1836

Jamie Asks – Do You Rent To Felons?

Teresa Wilke talks with Jamie about what she found when she called and asked local management companies about their policy toward renting to felons. We also open the phone lines for your stories. 816-931-5534

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