Recent changes in Missouri Election Law with Chris Hershey, Platte County Election Board

Chris Hershey, Democratic Director of the Platte County Election Board, discusses recent changes in Missouri Election Law with Sharen Hunt, Vice President  of the Platte County Federated Women’s Democratic Club, and Radio Active Magazine regular Spencer Graves.

One question is the Integrity of election procedures in Kansas and Missouri:  The episode of Radio Active Magazine for last July 26 featured an interview with representatives of the Leagues of Women Voters of Johnson County, Kansas, and of Kansas City, Jackson, Clay and Platte Counties, Missouri, focusing on that very issue.  These folks were welcomed by their local election officials, who showed them the procedures they follow to make it virtually impossible for anyone seriously to tamper with the count at that level.  And local election boards include leading representatives of both major parties to ensure that one party does not get an unfair advantage in these procedures.

Copyright notice:  Hersey is a public official,, so his comments are in the public domain.  The rest os copyrighted 2022 Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 4.0 International License, Sharen Hunt and Spencer Graves

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