Reflections: MLK on Truth and the Growing Threat of Religious Nationalism in Israel

Description: Beyond the well-worn cliches about power, what would Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr say about the battle over truth in our society? A new book ponders how Dr. King’s theological philosophy could apply in today’s world.  Then, a conversation with journalist Daoud Kuttab about the recent provocations at Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem by Israel’s newly appointed Minister of National Security and the rising power of the Religious Zionist Party in Netanyahu’s coalition government.

“The Arc of Truth is Long”: Reading Martin Luther King Jr. in a ‘Post-Truth’ Age
Dr. Lewis V Baldwin, professor emeritus at Vanderbilt University, discusses his new book, “The Arc of Truth: The Thinking of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr,” which he was inspired to write, in part, by the battle over the truth that characterized the presidency of Donald Trump. According to Lewis, Dr. King began seeking truth in lived experience, philosophy, religion, and history at the age of 6. He asks what Dr. King would have made of “alternative facts” in a “post-truth” America. He looks at what we could lose if we forget the teachings of Dr. King.

Will Religious Nationalism Spark Another Intifada? A Conversation with Daoud Kuttub
Award-winning Palestinian-American journalist Daoud Kuttub writes for the Religion News Service that the rise of Israel’s far right orthodox parties in the new coalition government could threaten democracy and democratic norms.  He discusses the events unfolding and how leaders of Israel’s far-right religious nationalist parties are leveraging new ministerial positions to advance the agenda of the National Union of Tkumba – the Religious Zionist Party.  From the recent controversy at Al Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem to the mass protests taking place in Tel Aviv, Kuttab highlights a series of events and actions that raise questions about the future of Israel’s democratic institutions including the courts, and the future of the Palestinians living in Israel and in the Occupied Territories.

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