Remembering Vidal+”Queer & Pleasant Danger”+LGBT news

On the new “This Way Out” (hosted by Greg Gordon and produced with Lucia Chappelle), a final history lesson from Gore Vidal (the author-essayist-playwright discusses his friendships with James Baldwin, Eleanor Roosevelt, and his decades-long “friendship” with significant other Howard Austen during a May 2008 interview with Amy Goodman on “Democracy Now!”); Kate Bornstein’s work in “transgress” (she discusses her ongoing transitions through the award-winning work she does with correspondent Dixie Treichel)… and in “NewsWrap” (reported this week by Jenn Mahoney & Rick Watts and produced by Wenzel Jones & Steve Pride), Vietnam considers the reality of equality, Jerusalem Pride takes back the street, the U.S. low-prioritizes same-gender partner deportations, a Connecticut case hastens “DOMA’s” demise, and hate groups get more than chicken feed from poultry politics. All that — and more this week — when you discover “This Way Out: the international gay and lesbian radio magazine,” the world’s audio oasis for LGBT news and culture.
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