Resurrected: Formerly Incarcerated Change-Makers

In order to reduce prison over-crowding, the Justice Department is releasing about 6,000 non-violent inmates early. Darris Young is working to make sure upon release individuals can successfully transition after incarceration. On this edition of Making Contact, we’ll meet more individuals like Darris who also went to prison, came out and dedicated their life to making a positive difference.

Featured speakers/guests:

Frankie V. Guzman, Attorney at the National Center for Youth Law; Frederick Hutson, Founder/CEO Pigeonly; Clemmie Greenlee, founder of the Nashville Peacemakers; and Darris Young, Local Organizer at the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights.


Host: Laura Flynn
Producers: Laura Flynn, Andrew Stelzer, Jasmin Lopez
Executive Director: Lisa Rudman
Web Editor: Kwan Booth

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