Revolutions Past and Present in Iran

New York Times best-selling author and scholar Reza Aslan joins to talk about his new book, “An American Martyr in Persia: The Epic Life and Tragic Death of Howard Baskerville” and how this 22-year-old Presbyterian missionary from North Dakota became Persia’s American Lafayette. Aslan connects the revolution of 1906 to the #WomenLifeFreedom movement in Iran which he believes is evolving from a popular uprising to a revolution. Then host Ambereen Khan heads to a #womenlifefreedom in New York’s Washington Square Park and talks with Iranian-Americans about their fears, their views of the theocratic regime, and hears how art, music, and culture resonate with hope and grief.

“Catching the Imagination of the World: Past and Present “
Reza Aslan believes a 22-year-old Presbyterian missionary from North Dakota offers a spiritual lesson for those losing hope in democratic institutions and liberal values. In a new biography, Aslan introduces the events surrounding the 1906 revolution in Iran that sparked aspirations of self-determination and hope in empires subjected to oppressive and arbitrary leaders. Aslan describes how a multi-faith army formed coalitions united in opposition to a tyrannical Shah and why Baskerville ignored the United States’ orders not to join the democratic revolution.

“Your Social Media Activism Is Keeping Kids in Iran Alive”
The conversation continues as scholar and best-selling author Reza Aslan shares how global attention is fueling the courage and resistance on the streets of Iran and helping to hold the regime accountable.

“You Tried to Wound Me, But I Blossomed Instead”
On October 15, 2022, in the afternoon in Washington Square Park in New York City, hundreds gathered to demonstrate support for the resistance movements in Iran. Host Ambereen Khan captures the sounds and talks to Iranian-Americans about their fears and views about religious life and authority in the theocratic state that has brutally attacked and killed women and girls who challenge compulsory hijab laws.

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