Richard Thompson & Zachary Richard

This week on American Routes, we’ll talk to folk rocker songwriter and guitarist Richard Thompson. An advocate for British lyric and music tradition in new settings with refashioned traditional songs and stories, Thompson evolved from playing in the seminal folk-rock band, Fairport Convention, to his present day role as an in-demand guitarist and songwriter. Then we’ll visit with accordion-man Zachary Richard about growing up in French-speaking south Louisiana but needing to go to France and Quebec to realize the significance of the Cajun culture into which he was born.

Timing and Cues

American Routes Program Number #15-10 (repeat of 14-24)

00:00 Open Hour 1
segment A: INCUE: “(music start) This is AR I’m NS…”
“Come All Ye” Fairport Convention
“Sur le Point de Lyon” Beausoleil with Richard Thompson
“On Top of Old Smoky” Roscoe Holcomb
“Forbidden Lovers” Lefty Frizzell
OUTCUE: “…our guest coming up on AR.”
cutaway 1: “On Top of Old Smokey” Grant Green
segment B: INCUE: “I’m NS we’ll speak in a few minutes…”
“Lovin’ Up a Storm” Jerry Lee Lewis
“Sittin’ On top of the World” Howlin Wolf
“Rock Island Line” Lonnie Donegan
Richard Thompson interview
OUTCUE: “…spirit when AR returns.”
cutaway 2: “Sunset Song” Richard Thompson
segment C: INCUE: “I’m NS this is AR where we’ve been…”
“Wreck of the Carlos Rey” Los Lobos
“Handsome Molly” Mick Jagger
“Dimming of the Day” Bonnie Raitt
“1952 Vincent Black Lightning” The Del McCoury Band
OUTCUE: “…I’m NS and this is AR from PRX.”
cutaway 3: “Take Care the Road You Choose” Richard Thompson
1:00:00 “Take Care the Road You Choose” end
00:00 Open Hour 2
segment D: INCUE: “This is AR I’m NS in New Orleans…”
“Sweet Sweet” Zachary Richard
“J’ai vu le loup. le renard et la belette” Balfa Brothers
“Acadian Driftwood” The Band
“Balfa et Grand Bois” Coteau
“No French No More” Zachary Richard
“Les Flammes d’Enfer” Richard Thompson
OUTCUE: “…Francophone world when AR returns.”
cutaway 4: “Acadian Two-Step” Coteau
segment E: INCUE: “I’m NS this is AR with a different spin…”
Zachary Richard interview
“Let the Four Winds Blow” Fats Domino
“Femme l’a Dit” FeuFollet
OUTCUE: “…Clif’s Zydeco when AR returns.”
cutaway 5: “Frog Legs” Clifton Chenier
segment F: INCUE: “I’m NS this is AR I think Zachary…”
“Rosa Majeur” Queen Ida and the Bon Temps Band
“Sweet Little Doll (Cher Catin)” Clifton Chenier
“Bon Soir Moreau” Canray Fontenot
“I Got Loaded” The Wood Brothers
OUTCUE: “…for AR from PRX (music fade out).”
59:00 end

Hour One
00:00 — Open
18:00 — cutaway 1
41:37 — cutaway 2
58:59 — Hour one close and cutaway 3 “Take Care the Road You Choose” start
1:00:00 — cutaway 3 “Take Care the Road You Choose” end

Hour Two
00:00 — Open
26:37 — cutaway 4
45:31 — cutaway 5
59:00 — Hour two end

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