Ricky Kidd, Free At Last And Looking For Justice For Other Wrongfully Convicted Citizens

Ricky Kidd, Free At Last And Looking For Justice For Other Wrongfully Convicted Citizens

This is the first picture EVER of my Boy with his Dad!! *Ricky Kidd and His Son Austin

August 14 at 11:45 AM
BREAKING: Circuit Court Judge Daren Adkins has issued an order finding Ricky Kidd is innocent and that the State withheld evidence in violation of Brady v. Maryland. The Court has ordered that Ricky Kidd be released or retried within 30 days.

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind for Ricky Kidd whose conviction for murder was overturned after 23 years of incarceration. It took over 10 years of work by the Midwest Innocence Project, who used 50 + UMKC law students to finally put together the evidence to Free him. Ricky of course played a big role in his own exoneration by
working in the law library to learn what he needed to do to aid in his defense. Ricky also used his time behind bars to develop his artistic talents, learn about business, write poetry and plays, but most importantly he mentored and helped other prisoners learn h=what they need to do in their own defense.

Host Jeff Humfeld talks with Ricky Kidd about how he was wrongfully convicted, how he was exonerated, Where he is now in his reintegration into society and his plans to fight wrongful convictions and for the release of others wrongfully convicted.

Missouri Will Not Compensate Ricky For His 32 Years Of Wrongful Imprisonment

You can help Ricky get back on his feet so he can support himself and his family at the link below.

MidWest Innocence Project
FaceBook Page – https://www.facebook.com/MidwestInnocenceProject
website – https://themip.org/

Midwest Innocence Project Student Organization
FaceBook Page – https://www.facebook.com/MIPSOUMKC/
Donate to their Exoneree Fund here: http://umkclaw.link/mipsofund

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