Sandra Moran Book Club-Jeff Mann

The panelists are Jeff Mann, Cynthia Burack, Jeff Edmondson, and host Elizabeth Andersen. Elizabeth knew she had to have Jeff Mann on the show when she heard Dorothy Allison and Jeff on a panel at the Saints and Sinners Literary Festival in 2017. This was the kind of literary conversation author Sandra Moran had in mind when she conceived of this show. Then when Jeff mentioned in a reading that Cynthia Burack (in the front row) was one of his best friends, I hatched a plan. Jeff Edmondson and I served on the board of the LikeMe Community Center, and I knew Jeff as an entrepreneur and member of the Bear Mafia, but I had no idea he was a prolific author. We discuss Jeff Mann’s novel Cub, our literary influences, our authors’ various books, the bear community, bridge-building in a divisive era, and much else.

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