Season Review part 2

1) Redefining Black Power
Redefining Black Power: Reflections on the State of Black America, edited by From the Vault guest producer Joanne Griffith, is a Pacifica Radio Archives-inspired book that addresses key issues for Black America: mass incarceration, media portrayal, the role of black leadership, democratic participation and economic disparity using exclusive content from the Pacifica Radio Archives.
2) Freddie Hubbard Live at La Bastille Jazz Club
We invite you to the legendary La Bastille Jazz Club in Houston, circa 1973, for a concert by prodigious trumpet-man and Grammy Award-winner Freddie Hubbard, who played a benefit gig for Pacifica radio station KPFT 90.1 FM in Houston. Hubbard, at this point in his life, had several decades of classic material to work with at this show; he let loose and gave the KPFT audience a night to remember.
3) The Art of Muckraking
Pay homage to Pacifica Radio’s rich muckraking legacy, starting with Upton Sinclair’s fiery 1962 address, Changing America, recorded at Pomona College in southern California; then, on to a classic 1989 recording, The Art of Muckraking, featuring stand-out investigative journalists Christopher Hitchens, Mark Hertsgaard, Jessica Mitford, Robert Scheer, and Alexander Cockburn.

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