Sex Worker Plantiffs in Canada

On this week’s episode of WINGS, we await the Canadian Supreme Court’s decision in Bedford v. Canada, which is a legal challenge to Canada‘s prostitution laws.

(From Wikipedia:) The applicants, Terri-Jean Bedford, Amy Lebovitch and Valerie Scott, argued that Canada’s prostitution laws were unconstitutional.The Criminal Code of Canada includes a number of provisions outlawing public communication for the purposes of prostitution, operating a bawdy house or living off of the avails of prostitution. However, prostitution itself is legal. The applicants argued that the laws deprive sex workers of their right to security by forcing them to work in secret. In 2012, the Court of Appeal for Ontario ruled that some, but not all, of these prohibitions violated the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and were unconstitutional. The case is currently on appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada.

Featured guests/speakers:

Lux, organizer, Maggie’s Toronto Sex Workers Action Project; Terri-Jean Bedford, lead plaintiff; Kerry Porth, former sex worker and board member of Pivot Legal Society; Amy Lebovitch, Executive Director, Sex Professionals of Canada, a current sex worker and one of the three plaintiffs in this case; Monica Forster, Maggie’s Lounge Coordinator; Krysta Williams, from Native Youth Sexual Health Network.


Produced by Carly Forbes at CFRU in Guelph, Ontario; Series Producer, Frieda Werden, WINGS Vancouver.

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