Sharon Corr

Sharon Corr – Grammy Nominee/Brit Award Winner, singer/songwriter and violinist – hugely successful both as a member of legendary Irish group The Corrs and as as a solo artist is releasing her second solo album.

Much has been written about the incredible talent for melodies The Corrs exhibited throughout their 15 year long career. Their unique blend of Celtic/Pop/Rock sold over 45 million albums. They toured arenas and stadiums across the globe. With a string of massively successful albums and singles played to this day like Runaway, So Young, Radio, Breathless – The Corrs have been a household name on every continent.

“Music is what makes me tick” says Sharon “it is simply who I am and what I do” and true to that when The Corrs took time off to focus on their growing families, Sharon – while having her own 2 children began her solo journey enjoying the freedom of total artistic expression. In 2010 she released her self penned first solo album “Dream Of You” a collection of beautifully crafted, melodic gems, a remarkable debut that demands to be listened to in full – each story and melody flowing seamlessly into the next.

From 2011-2013 Sharon has been extremely busy touring Europe, US and Australia, playing for her fans. Live shows have not only had great reviews but inspired and allowed her to blossom holding center stage which Sharon describes as an incredible powerful and fulfilling experience “I come alive on stage – its the only place where I feel totally and utterly myself! I love it!” Combining her solo repertoire with some of The Corrs hits she wrote and some traditional pieces – the set has the audience up on their feet almost from the start. In addition to singing- Sharon has for 2 seasons been a coach on the hugely successful talent show “The Voice ” which gave her a unique opportunity to share her experience and knowledge of music and the industry with her chosen contestants.

Her upcoming second solo album is titled “The Same Sun” and is quite a departure from the debut “Dream Of You” . Produced by legendary producer Mitchell Froom and recorded in LA – the Melodies are still flowing but the sound is much more stripped back and organic – allowing Sharon to sing from the heart directly to her listeners, creating an incredibly intimate setting and removing the boundaries of over production. She has drawn her influences from the magical songwriting of the Late 60’s early 70’s all the way through to today. The album feels both contemporary and retro at the same time with Moving lyrics, some of them inspired by lifechanging experiences, like her trip to Tanzania with OXFAM Ireland providing that honesty known to Sharon’s fans all over the world. Just like life itself the album is bitter-sweet in mood but the melancholy remains unpretentious and balanced. It is raw/unguarded/ emotional and playful – It is Sharon – on each listen you will hear and feel something new.

Over the years Sharon has continued to support the causes she believes in. The Corrs were ambassadors of Nelson Mandela’s 46664 Campaign, they took part in Live 8, Pavarotti and Friends for The Children of Liberia and The Prince’s Trust 2004. They also supported the families and victims of the Omagh bombing. In recognition of their work the band members were awarded MBEs. Sharon is the face of OXFAM Ireland involved in campaigns championing and empowering women – we do not need to do great things, just little things with great love and that is exactly what Sharon does.

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