Shots In The Night: Pride Month!

June is Pride Month!  But you knew that.

This month, we present several LGBTQ+ themed pieces.

“Lover’s Red” is a coming out/coming of age story which won a Gold Award in the juried competition of the 2021 Hear Now Festival being held this month.  “Out the Front Door” is a reminiscence about how things used to be and a hopeful look at what will be. “Answer Me This” shows us how well educated, mature adults can be a bit childish.  Speaking of children, “Buttons the Bear” illuminates how tolerance is good, but acceptance is even better.  Finally, we have a recording of “I Choose Love” from the Transfinity KC Chorus.  Unfortunately, Transfinity KC is no longer performing,  but we still have these recordings to inspire us.

We also have another poem, “Pine Smoke,” from a local poet.  June is also the month in which KKFI has its Spring Fund Drive.  Mike & Mark Salmonella and Slug Parker will explain why you should donate to KKFI.  They will also explain that you can donate by calling 888-931-0901 or going on-line to  Here’s a thought: since you are already at, why not click the “Donate” link above and make your contribution now?  Thanks!

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