Shots In The Night: Variety!

Join the Shots In The Night gang for an hour of home made, homespun radio theater, featuring comedy, drama and a bit of music as well!  All of it written, performed, recorded and produced by local talent.

As usual, we are all over the map in this episode.  Everything from aliens planning to destroy the Earth to transgender bathroom enforcement with a look at grub worms as pets – and a scheming grandma (Grandma Bellini, that is) who has designs on an Easter egg hunt.  And that’s just the first half.  We’ll also look at the canine noir scene with your favorite dog detective, Buck Barlow.

You might ask, how can you cover so much material in just an hour?  Big imagination and a short attention span, that’s how!

So, get comfortable and exercise your imagination with us for an hour!

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