Why They Come and American Prisons in Honduras; and Should We Build A New Jail?

Why They Come and American Prisons in Honduras

In the first half of our program, we will replay “Why They Come and American Prisons in Honduras” from 7/29/19 Jaws of Justice Radio.  Host Margot Patterson gets a first hand view of what is happening in Honduras from Judy Ancel and Karen Spring.  Karen Spring, a Canadian Human Rights activist, is married to Edwin Espinal who is a political prisoner in a US designed and built prison in Honduras.  Judy Ancel, who has traveled numerous times to Honduras, is a representative of The Cross Border Network, a Kansas City grassroots organization.

Have you recently heard someone in the coffeeshop ask “if their country is so great why do they want to come here?”  Honduras, like other countries in Central America, are not such great places to live today. The corruption, repression and violence has many fleeing for their lives and many more standing up and fighting back. The United States plays a role in the conditions by supporting regimes that oppress, with our drug habit and our imperialist designs on their resources. Our guests will explain how US policy supports the corruption with the very programs meant to fight against it and how the War on Terrorism is used to justify the abuses fostered by the War on Drugs. It is striking to hear the complaints of the prisoners in these US built prison in Honduras and see just how they directly match the complaints coming out of our own prisons.

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Should We Build A New Jail?

During the second part of our hour, we will hear more that mass incarceration grows a reflexive response to jail overcrowding – expensive jail expansion projects. In the report “Does your county need a bigger jail?” the Prison Policy Initiative provides advocates with a guide for avoiding unnecessary expansion which recognizes the complex set of entities shaping the justice system.  They provide a roadmap to easier, quicker, cheaper, and more JUST solutions to jail overcrowding. Host Elyse Max talks with Alexi Jones, the author of the report “Does your county need a bigger jail?” about how communities can use this research locally as advocates search for a solution to the unsafe conditions at the Jackson County Jail.


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“Does Your County Need a Bigger Jail?” Report: http://www.prisonpolicy.org/reports/jailexpansion.html

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