Socialist Perspective of Pre-Election Society In The United States; and President Trump And The 2020 Election

Socialist Perspective of Pre-Election Society In The United States

The word chaos best describes the current American public health, economic, race, and political situation. America leads the world in the number of COVID-19 cases and in the number of deaths which are now approaching 200,000. President Trump lies when he promises the quick development of a vaccine. He attacks the head of the Center for Disease Control and advises not to wear masks and leads huge rallies of maskless supporters.

The economy is a disaster. Perhaps 20 million people are unemployed. Small businesses are shuttered. The economic stimulus package has run out. Millions face eviction. Hunger is rampant especially among children. Democracy and rule of law are being trashed.

President Trump has cast doubt on the efficacy of the upcoming election first suggesting that it be postponed, then advising his supporters to vote twice, and assuring people that unless he won the election would be fraudulent. He has indicated that if he loses the election he will not vacate the White House in January 20, 2021.

Despite the unprecedented mass demonstrations of perhaps 20 million people in the streets since June, cops continue to murder people, especially black people, with impunity. The Republican convention put forward no platform to address the catastrophe. President Trump spoke at all for nights presenting himself as the solution for all of Americas problems.

The best that could be said about Joe Biden is that he’s not Trump. He has run a lackluster campaign and now finds himself neck and neck with Trump who got 60 million votes in the last election and whose popularity seems undiminished.

Guest – Doug Henwood, an economic, finance, and political analyst. He is host of the radio show Behind the News. He is a contributor to Jacobin magazine and a contributing editor to the Nation magazine. His latest book on Hillary Clinton is called My Turn.


President Trump And The 2020 Election

What if President Donald Trump is voted out of office on November 3, 2020 but on January 20, 2021 when he is scheduled to vacate the White House he refuses to go. His lawyer and fixer Michael Cohen predicted this in his congressional testimony before he went off to prison.

President Trump is already casting doubt on the legitimacy of the election which is less than two months away. He says there will be massive voter fraud, that absentee balloting, which will be widely prevalent because of the Covid crisis, is easily open the fraud.

Can Trump send federal troops to Washington DC, or other cities? Can he deploy the National Guard of the various states? Can he suspend habeas corpus, arbitrarily detained people, or declare martial law? Can he investigate opponents, freeze their assets, control communications, initiate a foreign crisis, or get help from attorney general William Barr? What can we do about it?

Guest – Attorney Marjorie Cohn, the past president of the National Lawyers Guild and former professor at the Thomas Jefferson School of Law in San Diego.

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