Spiritual Magpies

This week, we speak with two “spiritual magpies” – Blair Hodges, the Mormon host of a popular podcast, and Rabbi Danya Rutenberg, once dubbed the “wunderkind of Jewish feminism.” Both guests emphasize the sacred in the everyday doings of life.

Fireside: A Chat with Blair Hodges
Blair Hodges, host of Fireside with Blair Hodges, discusses the new freedom he has as a podcaster since leaving the Maxwell Institute at Brigham Young University. Hodges discusses how he differs from standard Mormon teaching, especially on LGBTQ issues, and identifies a need for more spaces that meet the listener or viewer wherever they are on their spiritual or religious journey.

Repentance and Repair: Rabbi Danya Rutenberg (Originally broadcast in December 2022.)
To mark the coming week’s observance of Yom Kippur, the Jewish Day of Atonement, we return to our 2022 interview with Rabbi Danya Rutenberg on the subject of forgiveness, repentance, and atonement. Yom Kippur requires Jews to make amends to people they have wronged in the past year; only then can they be “sealed” in God’s “Book of Life.” 

How to Make Amends: Rabbi Rutenberg, (Continued)
Rabbi Rutenberg says for real healing to occur, repentance and forgiveness must be placed on “separate tracks” and given equal attention and weight. And while the victim must not be rushed through the process of forgiving, the perpetrator must also be allowed to move beyond punishment to real atonement.

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