Stand Up: The N Word (podcast version)

The KKFI Racial Justice Initiative presents:

Stand Up! The N Word — A Black-centered podcast that encourages discussion on the use of both sides of the -N- Word: N*gger (racial slur) and N*gga (greeting/expression) Hosted by Angela Believes with live, call-in guests.

Duration: 30 min

Produced by Angela Believes and Bill Clause

Program and podcast engineered by Mikal Shapiro

Music written and arranged by Johnny Hamil

Original episode of Stand Up aired on Thursday, January 28, 2021 from 7pm-8pm.

About The Racial Justice Initiative:

RJI is a creative collaborative resource for challenging the status quo and elevating Black and allied voices to propel change.  We seek to serve as a community resource for unpacking and addressing systemic racism while also ensuring that KKFI operates with highest attention and adherence to the best practices in diversity, equity and inclusion.

The Racial Justice Initiative and Stand Up program were created by KKFI Volunteer Programmer Angela Believes after the death of George Floyd.




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