Symbols of Resistance Part One: A Tribute to the Martyrs of the Chicano Movement

Our radio adaptation of the film Symbols of Resistance: A Tribute to the Martyrs of the Chicano Movement, offers a reflection on the untold stories of the Chicano Movement with a focus on Colorado and Northern New Mexico. Produced by Freedom Archives, the film delves into issues of cultural identity, student activism, and land rights and social justice in the face of police oppression.

The film represents an important component of the Chicano struggle that is often not well understood”that the movement was not limited to organizing agricultural workers. It shows how conflicts with government included resisting unprovoked police violence in urban areas and many protests against systemic language discrimination, judicial discrimination, disproportionate imprisonment, and the lack of educational and employment opportunities. These rising community and student movements were targeted by the COINTELPRO (Counter Intelligence Program) of the FBI, working in tandem with other local, state, and federal agencies.


Priscilla Falcon, Activist/Professor

Kiko Martinez, Activist/Attorney

Ricardo Romero, Activist/Educator

Deborah Espinosa, Activist/Colorado Historian

Marco Martinez, Activist/Brother of Luis Jr. Martinez

Joe Martinez, Activist/Brother of Luis Jr. Martinez

Daniel Valdez, Songwriter/Musician

Lenny Foster, Activist/American Indian Movement

Juan Espinosa, Photographer/Journalist

Rita Melgares, Attorney

Reis Lopez Tijerina, Activist/La Alianza



Producer of film, Symbols of Resistance: Claude Marks and Nathaniel Moore of the Freedom Archives

Film Narrator: Brenda Montano

Music: “Broken Hopes” by Daniel Valdez

Music written and performed by Camilo Landau

Additional music for radio adaptation by Brentin Davis, Chasin Dem Bucks instrumental bridge.

Making Contact Staff:

Executive Director: Lisa Rudman

Staff Producers: Anita Johnson, Monica Lopez, Salima Hamirani

Producer of radio adaptation and host: Anita Johnson


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