Synergy Services Addresses Domestic Violence, Replay of Children of Homicide Victims KC

One in 4 women and one in 10 men experience domestic violence which can take various forms including physical, emotional, sexual, or psychological abuse. For our show on September 28th, we will feature host Pat Bartholome’s  interview with Dr. Sara Brammer, Director, and Andrea Raya, MSW, Program Manager, both of Synergy Services, Inc.  Synergy Services began in 1970 as Synergy House, the only shelter for runaway and homeless youth in western Missouri. Through the years they have expanded the organization’s reach to include young children and women victimized by domestic abuse.

People of all races, cultures, genders, sexual orientations, socioeconomic classes, and religions experience domestic violence. However, economic instability, unsafe housing, neighborhood violence, and lack of safe stable childcare and social support can worsen already tenuous situations.

Synergy provides services which empower clients to find and choose good options for future safety and success. They provide supportive services to families in crisis to prevent violence. Additionally, they focus on community education to build a safer and more humane society.   JoJ is proud to be a megaphone for Synergy Services.

After the calendar, in the second half of our hour, we will replay host Melvin Merritt’s interview of Jamie Powell, a volunteer with Children of Homicide Victims.  Melvin and Jamie spoke in 1/19.   Children of Homicide Victims, a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide children of homicide victims with healing and support in order to grow and succeed, was named best non-profit in Kansas City in 2020.

We hope you will listen.

“Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are.”

Calendar of Events 9-28-20

In compliance with Mayor Lucas’s emergency order, certain business activities may resume while ensuring necessary public health measures remain in place.  See the FAQS at


  • MON, 9/28 6 – 8 PM Corey’s Network Survivors Workshop – Session 2 Media.  Corey’s Network asks us to please join their meeting to learn how to deal with grief, the media, investigation, court, and moving forward after a homicide has occurred. This is a workshop, not a grief group. They will candidly discuss how to survive and thrive after losing someone to homicide. This will be at the Church of the 4 Corners – The City House, 14300 E. US HWY 40 (40 HWY and Noland Rd) Kansas City, MO. Social distance will be observed, so seating might will be limited. Send email to [email protected] if you plan to attend. They will also have the meeting online at GOTOMEETING. In order to get the link you must be a member of the CNI Messenger group. Send a message to [email protected] to be added to the group.  call 816-866-7868 for more info
  • Covid and sex work discussion, MO HO Justice Coalition, online, MON, Sept 28th, 7 PM More info at MO HO Justice Coalition on Facebook



  • A list of services, meals, and hot lines are available at  That’s updated daily.

Please take care of yourselves and others. The Covid-19 pandemic has brought into sharp focus the need for health care reforms that promote universal access to affordable care.  Thanks to all our listeners, stay close to your dial and stay well!

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