Take Me For A Ride in Your E-Car

These days we think of electric vehicles as futuristic inventions,  coming our way just a little before commercial flights to the moon. But  actually, they preceded the infernal combustion engine by more than half  a century. Now, as we choke on the exhaust, we turn once more to  electricity. Only this time, the momentum is building not in Detroit but  in Shanghai, Hong Kong, and California.


Paul Ling, marketing director, BYD (Build Your Dreams) Sin-Ling Chung, founder and CEO, MyCar, Hong Kong Chris Paulson, Director of Strategy, Coda Automotive


Host: Mark Sommer Senior Producer: Gregg McVicar Associate Producers: Naihma Deady, Matt Fidler Production Engineer: Michael Schwartz

Music in this program: “Chant duRossignol – Poeme  symphonique pour orchestre” – Igor Stravinsky – Radio Netherlands Music;  “A United Earth I” – Alan Stivell and Youssou N’Dour – Putumayo World  Music; “Drive My Car” – Jim Moray – Gottdiscs; “Electric Car” – They  Might Be Giants – Disney Sound; “Electric Avenue” – Eddy Grant – Rhino /  Wea; “Out Of The Bluez” – Seven Octaves – KMT Records.

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