Tasty Brew Music features Jamie Lin Wilson and Claudia Nygaard

This week’s Tasty Brew Music’s spotlight is on one of Americana’s best songwriters, Jamie Lin Wilson. Jamie returns to Knuckleheads this Thursday before heading to the Woody Guthrie Music Festival in Okemah, Oklahoma.    Thank goodness for all the lonely paths Jamie’s had to find that no one else has taken. With a voice that slides in and out of notes with easy grace, a sly sense of humor, and lyrics that highlight the details most of us miss, Jamie creates stark vignettes: intimate conversations between friends who might be lovers and lovers who can’t be friends; kids hopping from stone to stone in a graveyard; the way rolling clouds can signal a new season. She lives and works in that sweet spot where folk and country meet––Guy Clark territory.  Jamie’s new “Jumping Over Rocks” is a stunner!

Diana Linn’s in studio guest this week is Nashville songwriter Claudia Nygaard.  A couple years ago Claudia ran into her hero John Prine outside a movie theater in Nashville, Tennessee. Prine, the 2018 Americana artist of the year, generously stopped for a short conversation and asked her how her career was going. “I’m not playing rooms the size you are” she replied, “but I’m making a living singing my own songs.” “Well then”, he said, “you are a big success aren’t you?”  “Yes” she replied. “I’m a very LUCKY GIRL!”  Later that night, reflecting on their conversation, Nygaard penned a song that last fall lived up to it’s title when she won the Tumbleweed Music Festival Songwriting Competition with it. That song is now the title cut of her new album “Lucky Girl”, produced by Grammy nominated Neilson Hubbard has a July release date, but you’ll hear it FIRST in Kansas City on 90.1 FM!

This week’s playlist also includes new music from Sturgill Simpson,  Buddy & Julie Miller, Kansas Citians Megan Luttrell, Nicole Springer, The Volker Brothers and Erin Eades!

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