Tasty Brew Music Launches Year #11 with Fall Fund Drive!

Okay boys and girls….Host Diana Linn celebrated ten years of the Tasty Brew Music Radio Show the entire month of September into the first week of October…spinning some of the absolute best in Americana/Roots Music released between 2010 and 2019.  Now it’s time to focus on the present and though the year 2020 has been cataclysmic for the music industry and it’s makers….generative artists are pushing onward and upward…releasing new music every day!  This week’s focuses on music released this year to date and lots of ground will be covered….introducing new artists to the air waves of Kansas City from the Heartland and beyond!  Nashville artists like Brit Taylor, Tennessee Jet and Ashley Ray (formerly of Lawrence, Kansas) and local Kansas City based music from The Magi, Old Sound, Multiverse and Cantaloupe City.  This  music is being introduced for the first time to radio in Kansas City on the Tasty Brew Music Show.  Tune in and show your support for this Week Number One of the Fall Pledge Drive.

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