The Americana Road Goes On and On

Since last week’s show, yours truly, Diana Linn, has travelled over 1,500 miles by airplane, taxi, shuttle bus, boat and automobile.   Whenever I’m alone out there on the road, I watch very little, if any, television but do listen to lots and lots of music.  Music gets me through that solitary, but generally exhilarating,  experience of travelling alone on the highways and byways of America.  Walt Whitman captures it best for me poetically in his work entitled, Song of the Open Road.  Musically, I love Martin Sexton’s Freedom of the Road  or Robert Earl Keene’s classic road songs to capture the essence of what some of us love about travelling that open highway.  Tune in this Tuesday at 6 am for Americana tunes expressing life on the road and the joys of coming home.  Joining me for an hour of the show will be a very special guest dj who, in my opinion,  has impeccable taste in music.

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