The Coming War On China and Greenwashing Climate Change

The Coming War On China

Today we re-broadcast a recent interview we did with the great Australian journalist John Pilger about his film titled The Coming War On China. With the exception of a short break at the conclusion in 1975 of the Vietnamese war, the United States has been at war continually. The momentum of what President Eisenhower warned us against and described as being led by, the military industrial complex has been going on with successive wars against Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and now the American proxy war in Ukraine. The military industrial complex has been augmented by support from the CIA, Congress, and the corporate media.

As Pilger demonstrates, the United States, is building up for a war against China. This build up is both military and ideological and shaped by hostile propaganda. In this respect, an alarming full page New York Times article, 11 weeks in the making, and written by seven reporters, appeared on August 5, 2023. The article targeted the American peace organization CODEPINK as well as one of its financial backers. It is a hit piece that has alarmed many of us in the movement. John Pilger gives us the background to it.

Guest ” John Pilger covered that war as a young reporter and understood that it was based on the lie that Lyndon Johnson told falsely stating that the North Vietnamese had attacked an American ship in the Gulf of Tonkin. Another 1 million people died in the Iraq war That war was based on the now well known lie that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction that he was going to use against us and that he was responsible for 911. A similar campaign of fear mongering is going on now about China. The major news media parrot the governments fact free line that China is our enemy. In his article The Coming War With China John Pilger wrote a US war against China beckons and we have a responsibility to speak out. We know what is coming. Silence must be broken.


Greenwashing Climate Change

As the US presidential election season heats up, so too does the planet. July 2023 was the Earths hottest month on record, and as climate scientist Friederike Otto told the Associated Press, We should not care about July because its a record, but because it wont be a record for long. Its an indicator of how much we have changed the climate. We are living in a very different world, one that our societies are not adapted to live in very well.

Indeed, millions of people are suffering at this very moment because of extreme weather, including unrelenting, deadly heat. One might expect that during election season, presidential candidates would be champing at the bit to promote their fabulous plans to save human life on earth, or at least slow its demise, right? I mean, who else has so much influence over changing the course of history than the President of the United States? Well, on the GOP side, the presidential hopefuls have mostly ignored the climate crisis, and some even dismiss it outright as a left-wing hoax.

On the Democrats side, we have Joe Biden. Now Biden does not shy away from admitting we have a problem. He appeared for an exclusive interview on the Weather Channel last week, calling climate change the number one issue facing humanity, and that combating climate change is a core tenet of his presidency.

Well, it might be a core tenet ” a core principle and belief ” but has that translated into action? When push comes to shove, in the office of President ” and before that in the office of Vice President ” has Joe Biden done everything he can to save humanity? Or is he just stating the obvious, because its what he thinks thats what voters want to hear, but is he in any rush to make changes that might alienate big oil and other corporate interests? And what about when he was Vice President, during the Obama administration, which set the stage for the Biden presidency? Do we even remember anymore?

Guest ” Andrew Perez, not only remembers, but he has tracked and documented the forks in the road where the Obama Administration could have, but chose not to, take actions that could have slowed the warming of our planet. Andrew Perez is an investigative reporter and senior editor for The Lever, which was just awarded the 2023 Izzy Award for outstanding achievement by Park Center for Independent Media at Ithaca College for its relentless work exposing the corrupting influence of corporate power on government and both major parties. The Center specifically highlighted Andrews work for exposing the largest known political donation in U.S. history ” Chicago businessman Barre Seids $1.6 billion dark money transfer to conservative operative Leonard Leo who served as Donald Trumps judicial advisor. Andrew relentlessly pursues hypocrisy and corruption among all of the powers-that-be, wherever they fall on the political spectrum: left-right-or-center.

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