The Creative Arts Contribution to the Environmental Movement

Facing the twin existential threats of the human-induced Sixth Mass Extinction of Species and global warming, humanity increasingly recognizes the necessity for transformations.  Beyond all the science, models, and policy proposals, the environmental movement must embrace the creative arts as gateways to the provision of depth and meaning to these transformations.

To affirm, discuss, and share a few contributions of the creative arts, with an emphasis on drama and poetry, Eco-Radio host Dave Mitchell will interview Gary Heisserer, President of the Artistic Committee for the KC Actors Theatre, and Mary Silwance, a longtime Kansas City environmental activist, writer, poet, and member of the editorial team for Kansas City Voices.

Included in our discussion will be a preview of the Dec. 17 Kansas City Actors Radio Theatre on KKFI, with four short plays related to Climate Change Theatre Action, an international series of plays connected with the annual UN COP meeting in Glasgow.

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