The Crisis in Israel : Observations of the Peace Camp

A day after the Israeli Parliament’s passage of a highly  contested bill to limit the power of the Supreme Court, two members of the peace camp there speak to its significance.  Mickey Gitzin is  director of the New Israel Fund, a non-profit in Jerusalem that works to advance liberal democracy in Israel; Nivine Sandouka is a Palestinian who heads the NGO Our Rights. The government’s plan to overhaul the judiciary has spurred months of protests by large numbers of Israeli Jews who regard it as an attack on their democracy. Gitzin and Sandouka discuss the contradictions in the protest movement, the dangers presented by the far-right government, the challenge of joint struggle and some new signs of progress they see emerging from the current crisis. Moderating the discussion is Gili Getz, president of the board of American Friends of Combatants for Peace, which sponsored the discussion. Combatants for Peace is a peace group composed of former Israeli and Palestinian fighers, which since 2006 has worked to end the Israeli military occupation and promote peace between Israelis and Palestinians.


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